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Ferry is a speaker that makes you hang onto every word as a listener. After surviving the Bataclan attack on November 13, 2015 in Paris, Ferry started giving talks all over the world.


The Bataclan Inspirational Keynote

How do you go on after a setback in your life, how do you deal with changes in your life? How can you become a better version of yourself?


DUO Lecture with Edino van Dorsten

Radicalisation takes many forms. Ferry and Edino both encounter it. However, with Edino, it happens early in his life. Just at the kitchen table, indoors. Listen to a story about; radicalisation, polarisation, connecting and, above all, resilience. 


PTSD/Victim Support

How did Ferry deal with his Post Traumatic Stress? An enormous ordeal of several years, where so much went wrong in terms of support. Talking, sports, meditation, writing, establishing routines, and daring to ask for help prove to be essential.


Media: the other side of the story

What is in store for a citizen who is involved in an event with a lot of media attention? Boundaries of what is and is not ethical appears to be blurring for many journalists. Ferry talks about this in an extremely penetrating and confrontational way. This lecture is the result of the collaboration with Peter R. de Vries, the famous crime journalist who was murdered in cold blood in 2021.


Custom made presentation

As a client, you decide which aspect of my story needs to be zoomed in on. “The possibilities are endless, and I personally think this is the most fun thing to do. Linking my story to new angles that really resonate with your group. The video section contains a number of examples of tailor-made lectures."

Band show

The inspirational Bataclan Keynote in a theatrical form framed with music played by a 7-piece band. Request numbers are possible. Great for a more casual setting.

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This is what they say about Ferry.

Humberto Tan
    Humberto Tan

    Presenter | Program maker

    It just magnificent how you have shaped your life after that horrible experience in your life. You have literally turned it into a life experience where you try to help others in their lives. That is a power that is unprecedented! You have become an inspiration and thus the opposite of the poison that the terrorists have wanted to spread in our society. I feel deeply honored that I was able to interview you so shortly after the incident in Paris, despite the sad background, it is a pleasure to see your growth and further development from the sidelines.

    Mark Tuitert
      Mark Tuitert

      Olympic champion | writer | speaker | entrepreneur

      I am very impressed with Ferry's story. Especially how open and honest he is at that very difficult moment in his life and the lessons he learns from this. I think we can all apply it to our lives. When it comes to tolerance, dealing with heavy things and maintaining love for life and for others. Respect Ferry!

      Arjan Erkel
        Arjan Erkel

        Cultural Anthropologist | ex-employee Doctors Without Borders | speaker

        Ferry for me, is a wonderful example of someone who has become stronger and more resilient through a crisis. Fortunately, he has managed to convert his terrible experience at the Bataclan into growth for himself and through his Keynotes he also encourages others to look for growth within themselves.

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        See change as opportunities to grow as a person, and explore that feeling that want to keep you in your safe comfort-zone!

        Anger is wasted energy, a safe shield behind which often lies sadness. Explore where that feeling comes from. ALWAYS ask yourself: what part do I have in a situation? Are you in charge of the movie that is your life, or is yours being directed by someone else? You decide!

        I continue to be amazed by the amount of resilience people like Ferry show. Why does a person have to go through hell to be allowed to shine afterwards? I want to thank you for the lessons you shared in the Efteling theater Ferry. Connect, don't whine, and always try to be a good person. Simple steps that I use every day since his reading (and reading his book).

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        Be inspired by a story about connecting, resilience and gratitude.