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Boek Ferry

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Souvenirs:Better after Bataclan

English version coming soon

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“Ferry has written an extraordinary book about how he and his friends escaped death in Paris. His book is very interesting and nothing like any other publication covering this topic. With an honest, confronting, and penetrating approach, Ferry describes his story, which is unique in every way. Anyone who has ever been involved in any kind of trauma – directly or indirectly – could use his story to give themselves guidance afterwards. Just by reading they will experience recognition and support. For victims and civilians, but definitely for those working in Law Enforcement, judges and journalists; for them this book is a must-read. I finished the book in one single read and would dare to say this book is a masterpiece.”

Peter R. de Vries Crime Journalist | International Emmy Award winner for documentary covering the solving of the Natalee Holloway murder case

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Be inspired by a story about connecting, resilience and gratitude.